When people listen to playlists on a music streaming service, they typically listen to each song from start to end in order. However, what if it were possible to use a function to listen to only the choruses of each song in a playlist one after another? In this paper, we call this music listening concept "chorus-playlist," and we investigate its potential impact from various perspectives such as the demand and the objectives for listening to music with chorus-playlist. To this end, we conducted a questionnaire-based online user survey involving 214 participants. Our analysis results suggest reusable insights, including the following: (1) We show a high demand for listening to existing playlists with the chorus-playlist approach. We also reveal preferred options for chorus playback, such as adding crossfade transitions between choruses. (2) People listen to playlists with chorus-playlist for various objectives. For example, when they listen to their own self-made playlists, they want to boost a mood or listen to music in a specific context such as work or driving. (3) There is also a high demand for playlist creation on the premise of continuous listening to only the choruses of the songs in a playlist. The diversities of artists, genres, and moods are more important when creating such a playlist than when creating a usual playlist.

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