LP-34: Music Visualization using Chironomie

Tatsumi, Kana*, Sako, Shinji, Ramirez, Rafael

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to debilitate the enjoyment of music for both hearing-impaired and normal-hearing individuals by visually representing music. In order to effectively and distinctively portray the musical rhythm, we focus on Chironomie, a conducting technique used in Gregorian chant. Generally, Chironomie is drawn by a curve that corresponds to the musical score, and this curve is determined by whether a short segment of the score represents one of two classes: Arsis or Thesis. In pursuit of our objective, our endeavors encompass two essential facets: the adaptation of Chironomie for Western tonal music to express intuitively perceivable musical features like tension and relaxation, and the evaluation whether Chironomie can effectively convey music visually. We report an automated method for estimating Arsis and Thesis within composite beats to generate Chironomie. Additionally, it presents evaluation experiments involving normal-hearing to assess the effectiveness of Chironomie.